How To Make Wine In An Instant Pot

If there is a drink that is good for any occasion, it’s wine. This classy alcoholic beverage goes great with late nights, formal brunches, or even just hanging around. If you are a wine lover, this is one DIY trick you just have to see.

Source: David Murphy

It’s been done: someone figured out how to make their own wine. YES! And the best part? He’s sharing his secret with the world.

Food blogger David Murphy likes the finer things in life, but – like many of us – he doesn’t always want to spend a fortune. That, and it’s just cool to make something yourself. These were David’s thoughts when he came up with a way to make wine in an Instant Pot.

Source: David Murphy

Fair warning: this process is anything but instant. It does take some time for the ingredients to ferment, so don’t plan on using your Instant Pot while the wine is being made. Other than that little caveat, this recipe is simple and delicious.

Source: David Murphy

David is fearless when it comes to food, and his latest endeavor is pure genius. “We’ve all seen a meme or two running around Facebook wishing that ‘One of those Pinterest chicks could throw grapes in a crock pot and make wine,’” he shares on his blog. “Well, how about one of those Pinterest guys? (That would be me lol). I love Pinterest. That is all.”

Source: David Murphy

Now, this recipe takes a little more than just the Instant Pot. It also includes grape juice, wine yeast, sugar, a funnel, and some clear packing tape. Bizarre, right? But so worth it to have your very own wine.

“Now you need to have some patience,” David says. “You’re going to run the time for a total of 48 hours!!” That is A LOT of time. Still, it will be well worth the wait. I am totally willing to wait two days to be able to brag to all of my friends that I made my own wine.

Source: David Murphy

The best part is that this drink is YOURS. That means you can flavor it however you want. David warns to avoid preservatives, but other than that you are free to put anything you like into your drink. How cool is that?!

The wine takes between 8 days and a month to ferment. Just leave your Instant Pot somewhere cool and out of the sunlight. David was more than pleased with his results.

Source: David Murphy

“I was expecting a failure, but I was patient and played that annoying waiting game. Honestly, it was so much better than some of those cheap bottles of wine that I’ve bought. Dare I say, even better than the 2 buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s!”

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