Girl Is Only 16-Years-Old, But Her Stunning Audition Has Been Viewed 17 Million Times

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes. One sixteen-year-old girl is out to prove to the world that she has what it takes to be a superstar.

Zhavia lives with her mom, and she loves to sing. She recently shared her gift with the world by auditioning on The Four: Battle for Stardom. The televised talent contest is hosted by Fergie and judged by Sean Combs, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Walk. This girl is working hard to share her gift with the world.

“I want to be successful enough to buy my mom a house one day and I’m willing to do anything it takes to get in one of those chairs,” Zhavia said during her pre-performance interview.

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The girl looked cool, calm, and collected as she stepped onto the stage. She exuded pure confidence – it was as if she was meant to be there. When asked to tell the audience more about herself, this girl had the perfect response.

“I’m here today to get a chair, and my family’s here to support me. And I just love them so much – I’m doing this for me and them.”

With an answer like that, the crowd couldn’t wait to hear what this girl’s singing voice sounded like. The sound of applause filled the room. Even more audience members cheered when Zhavia informed them that she was only 16 years old. Finally, it was time to hear her sing.

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The room fell silent for a moment, then the beginning of a familiar beat came on. It was the hit new song from the American Dream album, “Send Me Your Location” by Khalid. The audience members completely lost it.

Zhavia started dancing as she sang along with the song. She demonstrated expert vocal command, the entire room was buzzing from the energy of her voice.

This girl engaged the whole audience. Her voice, her rhythm, her facial features – they were all on point. Zhavia looked like she belonged on stage. This was her destiny.

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The judges smiled as they watch this girl reveal her raw talent on television. Cheers echoed continually around the room as the singer flowed through the lyrics. In most cases when an artist covers a song originally performed by the opposite gender, the final product doesn’t come out just right. For Zhavia, however, there was no such issue.

“Whoa!” DJ Khaled yelled in shock as the girl masterfully wove her way through each line. Zhavia had an astounding vocal range, and she wasn’t afraid to make full use of it.

As the song poured on, this singer successfully showed the world that she has what it takes to be a star. Even the judges had to stand when the piece was complete. Zhavia’s family could not have been more proud of her.

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“This is why I’m here,” DJ Khaled said to the talented teen. “And let me tell you something: not only did she sing amazing, her swag was incredible…you look, sound like, move like a young icon.”

Each of the judges was absolutely in love with the performance, and you will be too when you see it. Zhavia chased after her dreams, and she found out it was meant to be. This talented singer is proof that you are never too young to create your own destiny.


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