10 Photos Of The Most Amazing Things That Happen In The Ocean

Many of us want to see the stars, but the ocean remains a great mystery. There are still so many creatures and phenomena that we don’t understand, and there is a lot left to explore. Here are 10 amazing things that happen in the ocean.

1. Underwater Crop Circles

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These circles can measure up to 7 feet in diameter. Scientist had no clue what they were, until they discovered that male pufferfish use these to woo females.

2. The Gap Between Eurasia And North America

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These two tectonic plates seem to be moving apart at the rate of 1 inch per year. It makes you wonder what the earth will look like in a few centuries.

3. Underwater Rivers

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Yes, there are rivers under the water. This happens when fresh water meets saltier groundwater. The difference in density causes the waters to layer rather than mix.

4. Fresh And Salt Water Meet

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Again, density plays a role here. The fresh and salt water will not mix, but rather will form a saline barrier. The result is a very strange looking sea.

5. Green Flashes

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Green flashes of light are sometimes visible just after sunset or right before sunrise. They disappear quickly, but they leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

6. Frost Flowers

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These beauties form on top of thin ice when the atmosphere is colder than the ice underneath. They are often found in polar regions where there is a large temperature difference between the ice and the air.

7. Ice Stalactites

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When cold, sinking brine is more dense than the sea water around it, it leaves a trail as it hits warmer waters. It freezes and kills everything it touches.

8. Rogue Waves

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These huge, spontaneous waves occur in wide open water. High winds and strong currents can cause them to grow even bigger, threatening everything in their path.

9. Maelstrom

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This powerful whirlpool can suck up anything near it. It is deadly and dangerous, but still beautiful.

10. Bioluminescence

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Some marine creatures produce a light of their own. Chemicals inside them react to oxygen in the atmosphere, producing stunning lights. If you didn’t know any better, you could swear that the stars jumped into the sea.

The ocean is an amazing place, full of mystery and excitement. We may never understand everything that takes place under the stormy surface, but what we do know is completely captivating.


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