Teen Who Was Attacked In 1928 Kept It A Secret. Then Noticed Her Body Begin To Change

Minka Disbrow was raped in 1928; she was sixteen. Minka didn’t tell anyone, but then she found out she was pregnant. Minka was sent to a young women’s home to have her baby in secret; living in the 1920s was a very different time. She named her baby Betty Jane and soon after being born, Betty Jane was put up for adoption, Eighty years passed.

During that time, Minka had wanted to be updated about her daughter and wrote letters. But her prayers may never be answered. Minka had just one wish. She wanted to see her Betty Jane before she died. Betty Jane was 77 at the time. A judge had unsealed the adoption records and given them to Betty Jane

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The stars were aligning just right! This was a powerful reunion unlike any other you have witnessed. Share away, people.

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