Mother throws her newborn baby in a dumpster & court gives verdict

A cruel mother has thrown her baby in a dumpster who was just newly born and the entire world is shocked after learning about this gruesome incident. The judge after hearing the case sentenced Shelby Taylor, 25 years in a prison after the jury found her guilty of throwing her own newly born baby in a dumpster at Myrtle Beach area.

The mother did not deny any facts of the case and she revealed to the jury that she kept her pregnancy to be a secret and did not share it with her husband and family. Shee further told the jury that she gave birth to her baby girl in an alone apartment’s bathroom and then she used the trash bag to dump her own baby into a dumpster at her apartment complex early in the morning.

The passersby who happened to be brothers heard a baby cry coming from a dumpster. They could not believe that the cry was coming from a dumpster still they took the plunge and looked into it and to their surprise, they found a newly born baby in the trash. The baby was covered in a trash bag and these brothers immediately rescued the baby which later survived the ordeal and this year will be celebrating her third birthday. According to the attorneys of the women she suffered from a psychological condition and because of it she performed such a cruel act. The lawyers of Taylor called this is a severe form of Postpartum depression.

The family asked the court to have mercy on woman, she was given 25 year time in prison

According to the psychologists, there are about 100 diagnosed cases of Transient Perinatal Psychosis and which is commonly known as the cause of baby dumping because of its association with such cases. Judge asked about the condition of the baby who was rescued from the dumpster and he was told that the baby survived the ordeal and is doing really fine and it is all a miracle.

The mother wept during her sentence and case hearing. The court asked the mother about the good behaviour of her husband to which she denied. She didn’t call her a good husband. According to the mother, her husband harmed her physically and she didn’t report it to the authorities in the past.

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