Former Hotel Worker Admits What Really Goes On That Guests Aren’t Supposed To Find Out

Who doesn’t love staying in hotels? You never have to make your bed or clean up after yourself and you can have a quality mean delivered to your room in a matter of minutes. Not to mention the endless television channels that will allow for your daily dose of entertainment. There is just something about spending the night far away from the responsibilities of your home and a hotel has everything you need.

The workers in hotels spend countless hours in roles that are designed to make the customers happy. And for this reason, you are always greeted with a smile and given endless possibilities that will appease your needs.

While it appears like hotels are always in tip-top shape, with staff members who are grinning ear to ear just ready to please you, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. The same employees that are there for your needs, are also tasked with working very long hours and taking on duties that weren’t necessarily highlighted in the job description. Because there is limited staff in these positions so the hotels can save money, oftentimes, some of the things that we think are picture perfect are really not and there are a few past and present hotel workers that have kindly informed us about some things that everyone needs to know about the hotel industry.

While the rooms may look clean, the staff has a tendency to save time and money with a little gentle cleaning versus the thorough cleanings we expect.

“If the bedding wasn’t obviously dirty or smelly, we’d usually just make sure it looked nice and move on,” said one anonymous worker.

This will certainly make you think twice before you slip into what you thought was a freshly made hotel bed now.

In one particular small chain hotel in Michigan, one worker shared that the managers encouraged the housekeepers to spend no more than 30 minutes on each room, which didn’t give them enough time to dive in and get a good cleaning done.

Taking it a step further, this worker shared that the mattresses were never cleaned, which is sure to make you cringe when you think about the various bodies that slept on one particular mattress.

“We never really paid any attention to the mattress unless somebody peed on it,” she said. “And then, we’d just let it air dry and put it back pee-side down.”

According to a worker who was employed at a high-end California hotel, some of the housekeepers simply used a towel to wipe off the sinks, instead of using actual cleaning products.

“I thought it was gross but I didn’t want anybody to lose their job over it,” she said, regarding the thoughts on how management would react if they knew.

Another sanitary hot topic in hotels are the remotes. Evidently, while these are the most touched objects in the room, there was no known step to disinfect the remotes. And let’s face it, not many people wash their hands before they decide to flip through the channels. Television remotes tend to have the highest levels of bacteria, alongside the switches on bedside lamps.

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