Someone Used Face-Swap To Turn Our Presidents Female, And The Results Are Hilarious

We have had many different presidents, but all of the U.S. former presidents have one thing in common: they are all men. One dreamer imagines a different world, one in which these powerful leaders share one key alteration. In this inventive reality, the presidents are female – and some of them are quite beautiful.

“It’s strange to think that these people would never have been elected president because of that pesky troll X chromosome,” ponders Reddit user ygdrssl, who created the gallery. “Most recent presidents are represented back to 1900.”

These would-be portraits of our presidents are as hilarious as they are unique. “Wilma Hannah Taft has a mustache of glory no matter what universe she is in,” the creator explains. “[And] Teddie Roosevelt is hella glam, what did you expect. She wears the best of Sephora on her national park expeditions and will give you sass if you bring it up.”


Peep through these former presidents and see the magic for yourself.

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