15 Genius Pool Hack

It may still be cold outside, but summer isn’t too far away. If you have a swimming pool, you’re in for a real treat. Here are 15 totally genius pool hacks.

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Build a PVC pool towel rack with just a couple materials. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, this is the project for you.

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Make your drinks float on a noodle beverage boat. Match the noodles in length to a cooler or container, cut down the side, and stick them around the edges of the container. Fill with beverages, and enjoy while floating.

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Stop stressing about draining toddler pools. With this hack, you can drain it easily using just a hose. Put the whole hose in the pool, plug one end with your finger, put the plugged end outside below water level, and let it drain out.

Source: Home Talk

Repurpose old plastic chairs into pool chairs. Paint them however you want, cut off the legs, and relax.

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Fill a wooden box with flat stones and use it as a swanky area to wash off your feet.

Source: The Homestead Survival

Keep a kiddie pool clean by covering it with a fitted twin sheet whenever you are not using it.

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Have a pool pit and a fire pit. Put a toddler pool into the ground, and in the wintertime it can double as a fire pit. Genius!

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Make a glow stick lantern using a mason jar and water.

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Cut little holes in a pool noodle and turn it into a fun sprinkler for your kids.

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Using some simple duct tape, you can create your own pool noodle lightsabers.

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Keep your phone safe in a plastic bag, and you will never have to be without it!

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Want lighter hair? Squeeze some lemon juice on it, and stay out in the sun. You’ll be blonde in no time.

Source: The Gazette Review

If you love bright-colored swim suits, you know what a problem bees can be. Hang dryer sheets around the pool to keep the bees away.

Source: My List Of Lists

If the pH level in your pool is too low, sprinkle in a little baking soda. This acidic substance will bring the pH right up.

Source: Clean Technica

You can keep your pool warm by making solar rings. Wrap plastic around a hula hoop, let it absorb the heat, and have a nice warm pool anytime.

There are plenty of great home hacks to make this summer your best yet. Enjoy your time by the pool with these nifty tricks.

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