14 Hilarious Life Situations That Everyone Can Relate To

Getting pumped for cafeteria pizza. Handing out Likes like they’re candy when you’re in a good mood. Putting off all the weekend chores until Sunday night. Coughing in class an inexcusable amount of times and holding your breath to keep from coughing any more. There are dozens of life situations that almost everyone can relate to, each of which makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Like when the cashier hands you back your change and you try to shove it into your wallet as fast as you can because you’re terrified of holding up the person behind you in line…why do we all do that?!

These 13 photos depict some of life’s funniest and most relatable moments, and they’ll have you saying, “yaaaasssss!” If you want a good chuckle to tide you over until the end of the workday, keep scrolling!

1. When you weren’t quite sure what to wear to the party, so you took a wild guess and…were completely wrong.

2. When your child has been quiet for an awfully long time and you start to think that maybe that’s not a good thing.
4. When you’ve already coughed three times in class and hold your breath to keep from coughing anymore.

5. When the cashier hands you back your change and you’re trying to shove it in your wallet but you can’t do it fast enough and suddenly you’re dropping coins everywhere…

6. When you put off all of your weekend chores until Sunday night.

7. When you look really nice and try to take a selfie, and you get something that looks like this:

8. When your girlfriend’s hair is incredibly long.

10. When your girl tries to kiss you in front of her dad.

11. When someone is wearing way too much perfume or cologne.

12. When you’re in a good mood and hand out Likes by the dozen.

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