They Both Laugh When The Monkey Sits On Her Head, But Pay Attention To His Left Hand (video)

In a funny video that has come to us from out of Indonesia, a man shouted “that’s my wife!” when he watched a wild monkey reach out and grab his wife’s chest. The tiny primate was filmed in the humorous video going for the grab while the man behind the camera and his wife were out visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia. The woman, who is wearing a revealing tank top, managed to rile up the tiny monkey enough for it to reach out and grab for the woman’s chest.

The video begins with the monkey hopping onto the woman’s shoulder to get a better look down the front of her tank top. And after a close inspection of what she has, the monkey reaches out and grabs at her chest as her husband looks on in shock. And as a husband should, he reacts by telling the monkey off from the act.

The woman’s chest was enough to interest the monkey. Although she did not have any treats including bananas or other fruits, the monkey knew that she had some goods that were interesting enough. And after he gets close enough to inspect the upper half of her torso, he climbs onto her shoulder and then pokes down to grab down at her breasts.

Her husband is not too happy that this monkey is grab-happy. He gets a bit upset and shouts at the monkey, albeit playfully:

“Hey! Hey! That’s my wife!”

She simply laughs and allows the monkey to fondle her chest as her husband continues to film the hilarious clip that has proceeded to go viral all over the world. It really is quite laughable.

When her husband gets used to the idea of the monkey’s hands on his wife, he adds:

“They love you.”

Later, the man’s wife turned to social media to describe the encounter with all who are interested:

“Most people had bananas or other pieces of fruit to encourage the monkeys to come to them, but I did not have anything to lure them. They were simply attracted to me naturally. The monkey groped my breast and tried to breastfeed after sitting on my shoulder and playing with my hair. It was hilarious.”

Readers on Mail Online were eager to share their reactions to the funny clip. The following were collected on January 25.

“She seems to be enjoying it.”

“Harmless fun… Waiting for the moral high ground to pounce.”

“Coolest monkey in the jungle… Oh, we aren’t allowed to say that are we?”

Some viewers thought this monkey was making fun of the whole sexual misconduct scandals that continue to evolve in Hollywood and in politics.

“I bet it didn’t ask first either!”

“He needed to be hunted down and made to stand in front of a judge on a sexual harassment charge.”

Some viewers thought the husband was acting immature about the whole thing.

“Husband’s claim of right to wife’s breasts makes him sound like an infant,” one viewer criticized.

What is your reaction to this humorous clip?


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