Family Records Hilarious Sing Off In Car Viewed Over 1 Million Times, Has Internet Cracking Up

No matter how many memories you may make, there’s nothing quite like a family jam session. Car time with family is time to enjoy each other’s company, explore new lands, and rock out with your loved ones. With countless hours to drive each year, there are countless memories to be made. No one does it like this family.

Cole and Savannah are YouTube stars who have their own channel, where they document their adventures and share them with the world. The couple captured the hearts of millions when they shared this video, in which Cole and his step daughter sing and dance along to a groovy beat. This time, they are gathering even more attention because mom is involved.

The family decided to record another jam session – but this time all three were in on the fun. “We get REALLY into Taylor Swift in just about every one of our car rides,” the couple shares in their video, “so we wanted to show you guys what it’s like!”

The three stars put on a karaoke performance of Taylor Swift’s best beats. The list includes all of the latest hits, and the family doesn’t skip a beat when mouthing along with the words. The video is hilarious – you feel like you’re really in the car with them!

It’s not clear whether this video was rehearsed or not, but it is apparent that each person is having an absolute blast. At one point Savannah breaks out into infectious laughter after expertly lip-syncing some lines.

Her little girl has some amazing moves of her own. The faces she makes while shaking to “Shake It Off” are simply epic. You won’t be able to stop from laughing as you watch this.

It’s not hard to see why these people are so gravitated toward each other. They make even something as ordinary as a car ride feel like a fantastic adventure. When you find joy in the little things, you are guaranteed to feel happiness every day of your life.

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