25 Hilarious Vehicle Advertisement Fails That Were Noticed Just A Little Too Late

Most advertising experts think long and hard before ordering a design, and most marketing directors think very carefully about how an ad will be perceived before giving it the final approval, so it’s amazing how often we continue to see advertising fails. While there is no shortage of lists of marketing fails on the internet, this list in particular deals with vehicle advertising fails.

Automobiles are difficult to use as marketing platforms because they have many moving components. Sliding doors. Windows. Trunks. You would think that marketers would take each part into consideration before ordering the final implementation, but hilariously, many do not. And society thanks them for it. After all, thanks to their oversight, we now have these 25 vehicle advertisement fails to give us a good laugh and to make us feel a little bit better of our own mess-ups at work, which are probably not as bad as these.

1. When you figure out what Mitchell’s Wholesale Provedores is actually supplying.

2. When you learn about what Grandma really means when she says she’s going on a “tour.”

3. When Yves’s photo makes you definitely not want to meet him.

4. When the perfection with which this aligns makes you wonder if someone did this on purpose.

5. When this company was very honest about its abilities.

6. When this company finally revealed what kind of “panes” it really fixes.

7. When you feel like he kind of deserved this one. (How did he not see that coming?!)

8. When Mike decided to share a little TMI.

9. …And when these guys followed suit.

10. …And when these guys did too.

11. When this so easily could have been avoided that you wonder if it wasn’t just a ploy to get more passengers.

12. When the world’s most inappropriate van made its debut.

14. When this company had a really hard time attracting new employees, it resorted to drastic measures.

15. When this company decided to give society a passive FU.

17. Just…no. Someone needs to tell Rekappes what they’ve done.

18. When this company would stand for nothing less any longer.

19. When The Hobbit got a little too real.

20. Again, someone needs to tell them.

21. When you can’t help but notice that the backdoor is open…

22. When you begin to wonder what, exactly, the community center is teaching your kids.

23. When this unfortunate fail resulted in losing more business than it gained.

24. When this pizza delivery guy had himself a little side business.

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