10+ Of The Most ‘Ferocious’ Dogs Behind ‘Beware Of Dog’ Signs

When you see a “Beware Of Dog” sign, you probably imagine there is some big, snarling dog waiting just behind the fence. This is definitely not always the case. Sometimes, the dog inside the gate looks nothing like the creature you imagined. Some pet owners have incredible senses of humor – they have come up with the absolute best “Beware Of Dog” signs to fit their fearsome beasts. This list will have you laughing the entire time.

Fearsome guard dogs.

I’m not mean, I just want to play.


The deep philosopher.

Watch out for that cat. He’s trouble.

Warning: intruders will be attacked with kisses upon entry.

You’ve been warned.

Wrong animal!

You do the math.

That would be Joey.


I needs luv.

These owners are straight-forward and unashamed.

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