This Simple Puzzle Has Most People Stumped – Can You Figure It Out?

In life, there are two things you can do. Focus on the little things, or think of the big picture.

In certain circumstances, one method is preferred over the other. But these two perspectives don’t just apply to life – they can apply to solving puzzles too!

Have you ever found yourself staring at a visual puzzle, but not being able to see what the trick is? Even when other people can?

Well, this puzzle is one of those puzzles – except most people can’t spot the mistake below!

Honestly, it’s understandable. I was staring at this puzzle for a long time too, unsure of what was wrong with it. Our brains are too complex for such simple visual tricks, right?

This puzzle is going viral for it’s obvious deception. Even the most intelligent of people are finding themselves stumped. But once you realize what the mistake is, you’ll think how silly it was that you couldn’t spot it in the first place!

(If you can’t figure it out, the answer is at the bottom of this article!)

HINT: The mistake is on the bottom of the image.

Still can’t figure it out? Check out the word mistake. Does that spelling look right to you?

Ta-da! Now see which of your friends falls for this puzzle!

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