Photos Capture Mom Giving Birth In An ER Hallway – And She Wouldn’t Change A Thing

There’s really no such thing as a pregnancy that goes according to plan. After all, there are way too many variables for an expectant mother to be able to prepare for all of them. This mom was on her sixth baby, and she thought she had the whole pregnancy thing figured out. So her baby made his debut appearance in a way she had never even imagined. This beautiful moment was captured by Tammy Karin. Since the photographs are of the birthing process, they may be too graphic for some viewers.

Jes Hogan was the proud mother of five daughters, but this new baby was special. He was going to be her first and only boy. The first several month’s of Jes’s pregnancy were relatively uneventful. But that all changed when it was delivery time.

It was 3:00 in the morning when Jes knew that her baby was coming. She had visited the hospital four days before, in the middle of July, after a night full of contractions. During the first hour “they went from almost 3 c.m. dilated to four,” Jes shared with Scary Mommy. But when nothing more happened, the expecting mom turned around and went home.

The woman waited patiently, figuring her body would send a clear message when her baby was officially on his way. “After all, this was my 6th baby,” Jes said lightheartedly. “I should know these things, right?”

Four days later, it was time. She felt one long, strong contraction and knew that her boy was coming any moment. “I think this is it,” she told her husband, who quickly prepared for the upcoming event.

When the woman’s water broke, she was sure that she would have her child at home. Her husband, however, insisted that they get her to a hospital. “His level of preparedness and the calm he had is something I’m still in awe of,” Jes recalled. “He walked me down the hall, grabbing my shoes as we hurried out the door.”

Since it was so late at night, there was no one on the road. The couple made it to the hospital in a couple of minutes, but it was still not enough time. They were only through the second automatic door when baby Maxwell made his way into the world.

The parents met photographer Tammy Karin at the hospital. Tammy immediately began alerting staff that Jes was having her baby NOW. “[Maxwell] arrived on the floor just inside the entrance of the emergency room at 3:38 a.m. Less than 5 minutes from the time my water broke at home,” Jes explained.

Baby Maxwell certainly came out with a bang. He was happy, healthy, and full of love. This may not have been the birth situation Jes was expecting, but she wouldn’t change it one bit.

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