The Only Piece Of Jewelry He Should Be Giving You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Using her zodiac sign is an excellent way of determining what she might be drawn to – or at least eliminating what she’ll hate.

If you’re a guy trying desperately to figure out what kind of jewelry to get your girl for some big event/occasion/celebration, then you’ve come to the right place!

Knowing your SO’s personal taste is your best bet to get her something she’ll adore, but even if you think you know your GF/wife/fiancée, it can still be a minefield trying to navigate the water of spending big bucks on something she might not be thrilled about. After all, jewelry is a pretty big deal to give to someone, and if you fall short of her expectations, what does that say about you?

Look, we’re not here for the big questions, we’re here to help! Using her zodiac sign is an excellent way of determining what she might be drawn to – or at least eliminating what she’ll hate. For example, buying something for a Virgo? Don’t get her a big statement necklace and expect her to wear it every day, because that’s just not her thing! Using what we know about the signs of the zodiac and what we know about women’s jewelry, we’ve determined the exact piece you should be getting your girl – no guesswork required.

We also separated each element by the designer that would best suit them.

16 – The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Lorraine Schwartz

With a mantra of “more is more”, favorite jewelry designer to the stars Lorraine Schwartz is a no-brainer choice for the flashy and trend-setting Fire signs! While some might call her creations gaudy or even tacky, Schwartz knows how to pull out all the stops to have everyone in awe of the works of art that graces the necks, wrists, ears, and fingers of celebs like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Chrissy Teigen (an Aries, a Leo, and a Sagittarius, respectively).

The prices are, of course, sky-high and not something that us lay-people could purchase – indeed, most of the stars even borrow her gems! – but her vibrant use of color, big, bold shapes, and high-octane sparkle speak to the Fire signs’ taste for the dramatic and trend-setting.

15 – ARIES: Choker

Aries never likes to be late to the party, so the best piece of jewelry for her is a choker, which is trend-setting and just a little bit dangerous. While chokers are very of the moment, you can bet that the Aries girl was rocking them before they were a must-have item from Forever 21.

Upping the ante just a little bit, the best choker for the Aries woman is one with a little bit of edge – think spikes instead of hearts. She doesn’t need anything with a Fifty Shades vibe, but a choker that blends a little bit of naughty with the trend is right up the alley of the Aries girl. Definitely sexy and the piece of jewelry that must be worn with confidence, you can’t go wrong with a choker for this sign!

14- LEO: Statement Earrings

It’s always “go big or go home” for the Leo lady, and so of course, statement earrings are the way to go to ensure that this sign of the zodiac remains firmly fixed where they’re most comfortable – right in the spotlight.

Gaudy isn’t something Leo women shy away from, so while other signs might hesitate to pick up a pair with bright-colored stones, tassels, chains, or metalwork, it’s all par for the course for her! Warmer tones like reds and oranges are what they’re most attracted to, thanks to their traffic-stopping qualities, but really, any jewel the size of your fist they will happily hang from their ears! With a heart as big as the earrings dangling from their lobes, the Leo woman will go gaga over getting these bad boys – or something similar – as a gift, no occasion required.

13- SAGITTARIUS: Tiny Studs

The freedom-loving Sagittarius isn’t the type to want to be tied down by anything, including bank-breaking jewelry. In fact, lavish pieces like heavy rings and necklaces generally hold no interest to her, which is why tiny stud earrings are your best bet when looking for a gift.

Chances are, the rule-breaking Sag girl will have a few piercings to her name, which is why an assortment of stud earrings that tell a story – like the ones pictured here – are the most appealing. They’re individual and quirky and won’t get in the way of any of her many globe-trotting adventures. Plus, earrings like these don’t speak to the kind of commitment a diamond ring or necklace does, so she won’t feel pressured into accepting them as symbolic of something more.

12 – The Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany jewelry is sweet and sentimental, but not so high fashion as to be impossible to afford. Similarly, the Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius don’t believe in splashing out a ton of cash for something that’s just decorative, but do like that it’s a recognizable brand that can operate as a conversation piece because these signs sure do love to chat!

With their classic shapes, Tiffany & Co doesn’t stray too far from what’s normally accepted and appreciated in jewelry, and they have a variety of pieces that appeal to the more understated aesthetic of these three signs. Think pendant necklaces, classic charms, and other goodies hidden inside that iconic turquoise box. Making the wearer feel youthful as well as beloved, this is a slam-dunk gift for any of these signs!

11 – GEMINI: Pendant Necklace

Their personality isn’t the only thing that shines! Unlike some of their zodiac peers, Gemini girls aren’t fans of all things flashy and instead prefer items of simplicity and delicacy. Pendant necklaces are the best kind of jewelry to gift these gals because they can be customized to her personality, go with just about everything, and make her feel younger and more elegant at the same time!

Preferring quirkier pendants like this miniature state over simple stones allow this communicative sign to speak their mind through an understated piece that shares just a little bit of their individuality. Sparkles are an added bonus, but not a requirement. Mostly, they want to receive a piece of jewelry that says something about them, rather than something that could be worn by anyone.

10 – LIBRA: Wrapped Bracelets

Lovers of beauty and all things colorful, Libra ladies are usually the first sign in the zodiac to pick up on trends, especially in fashion. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re social butterflies who form major connections that get them in on the ground floor, either!

That being said, wrapped bracelets allow this trend-loving sign to mix both high and low fashion, which speaks to their sign as the scales – it’s all about the balance, you know! Since the Libra girl can effectively mix budget-friendly picks with some more high-end pieces, wrapped bracelets like these don’t come off as ostentatious or intimidating, but they also certainly don’t sacrifice beauty just to save a few bucks! Fun-loving and operating as a conversation piece, the harmonious Libra will love receiving a couple of these at a time and playing with them as she sees fit!

9 – AQUARIUS: Chunky Necklace

Never one to stay in the shadows or watch from the sidelines, the Aquarius woman doesn’t set trends or follow them – she eschews them entirely. Individuality and uniqueness are her true defining qualities, and if something is commonly worn or done by anyone, she won’t have anything to do with it!

Because of that, a chunky necklace is the ideal piece to get this girl, as it can transform an entire outfit but isn’t something for the faint of heart. Women born under this sign aren’t so concerned about a high price tag, either, and their humanitarian side would rather it be made in an eco-friendly manner or with ethically-sourced stones. They would much rather have something that turns heads than something that helps them blend in.

8 – The Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Cartier

At once daring (think that iconic gemstone-studded jaguar that’s cropped up) and classic (like their simplistic bangles), Cartier is a brand that carries a lot of weight to its name without succumbing to dull tradition – much like the water signs, which are always evolving, often temperamental, and never stagnant.

With engagement rings to appeal to the romantic side of these water signs and items for everyday wear, Cartier is definitely a pricey brand, but not one that’s out of reach or at the designer levels that make it impossible to attain. Like the water signs, it may play hard to get, but once you’ve gotten it, Cartier will be your go-to for every jewelry item you can possibly think of, for you as well as everyone you know!

7 – CANCER: Diamond Ring

Yep, the true romantics of the zodiac would like nothing more than a big ol’ diamond ring to signify the undying love and devotion from a partner – preferably with an accompanying proposal! Money is no object to these women when it comes to love and they think that you express your feelings best through gift-giving, so you’d better not mess this one up!

Always emotional, a diamond ring signifies a great deal to the Cancer girl, because she likes having something tangible to serve as proof of the love she feels. While this sign is governed by the element of Water, feminine shapes like hearts and flowers hold special significance to this feminine sign of the zodiac. The more sparkly and shiny the better, but not because they love flash – they just love being in love!

6 – SCORPIO: Lariat Necklace

Rarely does the Scorpio girl reveal her true self to others, but one thing that’s almost always on the surface for this woman is the overt sexiness she exudes in everything she does – and everything she wears.

A lariat necklace with a delicate chain that dips low gives a little hint at what goodies lie beneath the Scorpio girl’s clothes because it effectively works as an arrow pointing down there! Also, it shouldn’t be any surprise that it looks like a little naughty gizmo that the Scorpio lady could use on anyone who was lucky enough to gift her such a piece in the first place, if you know what we’re saying! While dark stones and heavy metalwork might seem like a Scorpio’s choice, something delicate and mysterious is really more akin to their true nature.

5 – PISCES: Charm Bracelet

Pisces women are born dreamers and for them, there’s something almost fairytale-like about a charm bracelet. They enjoy expressing their love of the arts, and the various types of charms that can be added to the bracelet over time let them show their creative side – or test the creative mind of their partners. Women born under the sign of Pisces are also very sentimental, and each charm can represent a distinct thought, moment, time, or person in their lives. Rather than have one piece of jewelry represent one thing, a charm bracelet gives them multitudes! It might seem a little juvenile to gift a charm bracelet to a grown woman, but anyone who knows a Pisces girl at heart will understand that she’ll love it.

4 – The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Jennifer Meyer

Another popular name among celebs but perhaps not as well recognized among the rest of us, Jennifer Meyer is a jewellery designer (and former wife of actor Tobey Maguire) who seems to prefer simpler aesthetics, opting for delicate pendant necklaces, natural elements like turquoise, and embellishments that incorporate nature, such as her famous leaf necklace that’s been copied by mall stores ever since.

The brand name definitely holds some panache for the luxury-minded Taurus and Capricorn, but it’s not so well known that everyone would have it. Stars like Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Bosworth (a Taurus, a Virgo, and a Capricorn, naturally) are huge fans of Meyer’s designs, and while her minimalist styles may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they’re certainly the best choice for the understated Earth signs!

3 – TAURUS: Stacked Bracelets

Loving the finer things in life without spiraling into decadence, stacked bracelets appeal to the Taurus girl’s sense of luxury while also being practical enough to transform an entire outfit from basic to bam! Plus, with her love of extremes, stacked bracelets let her play with size, from delicate bangles to chunkier cuffs.

Earth is the governing element of the Taurus girl, and so more earth-friendly hues – think gold, topaz, and brown – speak to their earthy nature. Additionally, if the Taurus girl feels like adding a watch to her stack of shiny, it’s really just another element of her practical personality without tipping into boring and expected territory. (And, since she loves to be treated to the nicer things in life, stacked bracelets mean she can receive something sparkly again and again!)

2 – VIRGO: Delicate Necklaces

It’s all about the details for women born under the sign of analytical Virgo, which is why a delicate necklace that doesn’t try to hide behind flash speaks to her meticulous nature. Modesty is their middle name and they don’t like anything big or gaudy because it veers into a tacky territory and makes them the center of attention, where they are never comfortable. Instead, a delicate necklace with a simple gem or this pretty pearl will show that it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Frugal almost to a fault, a classic and understated necklace like this allows the Virgo woman to wear it with just about everything, ensuring that she’ll really get her bang for her buck. Plus, natural – not lab-created – stones like this pearl attract the nature-friendly Virgo.

1 – CAPRICORN: A Nice Watch

They might not seem like it at first glance, but Capricorn women are true appreciators of the finer things in life. Unlike a Leo, they don’t need to show it all off and prefer that the price of their purchases can only be determined by people who are of equally high quality. Women born under this sign are also very practical, and, while they can be frugal, they are willing to splurge on something that’s timeless, like a watch with a fancy European name.

Capricorn ladies tend to prefer the androgynous side of fashion, and a watch blends both masculine and feminine aesthetics. Since fine quality watches can be in the tens of thousands, these ladies know that prestige doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to woo a Capricorn woman with jewelry, you already knew that.

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