How To Restring A Sweatshirt With Ease And 13 Other Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Sooner

Life hacks make life so much easier. They take the pain out of your every-day routine. No matter how many tips you know, there are always more to learn. Here are genius life hacks that everyone needs to know.

Secret Key Holder

Don’t leave your key under a mat – it will be so easy to find! Instead, try this great hack. Nail an outdoor socket cover to the side of your house. Place the key in, and voila! Now you have a clever hiding spot for your key.

Hidden Among the Rocks


If you want something even more secretive, you can hide your key among the rocks with this great hack. Screw a drain cap onto a 3 inch jar. Dig into the ground about 3 inches, and place the capsule in the slot. Now your key has the perfect hiding place.

Broken Sprinkler Trick

There are infinite places in your yard to hide your key. You can make your own fake sprinkler with this clever trick. Screw a hose nozzle into a tiny pill bottle. Dig into the ground as deep as the bottle goes, then place the container and hose-top into the hole. No one will ever suspect your key is waiting there.

Old-Style Door Knocker

If you really want to be clever, take your hiding space off of the ground. Sticking your key behind a door knocker will throw people off without a doubt. Glue magnets onto the screw holds of an door knocker. Place the magnetic contraption right onto your front door. The neighbors will never know.

Re-String Your Hoodies With Ease

Get those strings back into your favorite hoodie sweaters without the hassle. Run the end of the string through a straw just until the string peaks through the opposite hole, then staple the whole thing together. Push the string straw-end first through the hood holes in your sweater. Finally, a way to get the string back in yourself! Un-staple the straw when you are finished.

Keep Your Chords in Control

No one wants to trip over a mess of chords coming from a power outlet. To restore order to your workspace, measure a shipping tube to fit the length of your desk. Cut long-ways down the middle of the tube, so that it unfolds slightly. Line all edges with duct tape, then spray paint the tube so it looks sharp. Once it is dry, drill it to the bottom of your desk’s surface. Now you can slide your power strip under your desk and be rid of the mess.

Custom Message Board

A cute message board doesn’t have to be something you find online, you can make one yourself right in your home. Grab your favorite print of colorful paper, and cut it to the size of a picture frame. Place the paper inside the frame, just like a regular picture. Now put the frame up on your desk next to some markers, solution, and a cloth. There you have it – your very own message board.

Crafty Bag/Towel Dispenser

Everything you need for this hack is right in your own home. Using a liter sized bottle, remove the label and measure one inch in from each end. Cut around the entire bottle in these two places. Next, spray paint the bottle whatever color you want. Add some decorative tape and other fun designs, and stick it to the wall with adhesive stickers. Your dispenser can be used for bags, towels, or whatever you want.

Find Your Tiny Items

If you’ve lost something small, like a pair of earrings, you know that these things can be nearly impossible to find. Never fear. Cut the bottom off of an old pair of nylons and pull it around the end of a vacuum wand. Now the wand will suction in your lost objects without pulling them all the way into the vacuum.

Get Gum Out

Sit in gum? That’s just the worst! But it doesn’t need to do permanent damage to your jeans. Simply hold a piece of ice on the gum for about four minutes, and it will peel right out.

Get Dressed With Floss

You’re all ready to go – except you can’t zip up the back of your dress. Run a long string of dental floss through the hole in the zipper, then simply pull it up by the string. You don’t need friends to help you get ready for a night out.

Open a Bottle Without the Opener

You don’t need a bottle opener to get into a bottle. Take any strong object, from a spoon to a hammer, and lift up on the edges of the cap. Lift a little all the way around the cap, and it will come right off.

DIY Oven Mits

Anything can become a DIY project, including making oven mitts. Take a long, thick cloth, and fold one third of it up. Place two heat shields on the cloth, then fold the top third over them. Sew the edges, then fold each side in with enough room for a hand to fit. Sew all the new edges, and you have completed your own oven mitts.

Restore Your Plates

If your plates look a little warn out, refresh their look with this mixture. Mix together equal parts cream of tartar and vinegar. Using a coarse sponge, rub away the stains. Your plates will soon look good as new.

These clever life hacks will make your life a breeze. Whatever chores you have, you can always make them easier with a few tricks.

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