Girl Puts On Adorable Fashion Show, Lights Up Internet With Video Viewed 5.6 Million Times

Whenever a girl goes shopping, the first thing she is dying to do is show off her new clothes. If we could, all women would have fashion shows for their new outfits after a shopping spree. We aren’t all that cool, but one girl certainly is. This little YouTube star put on an amazing fashion show.

Meet Audrey Nethery, a YouTube sensation who has captured the hearts of millions. This little girl has the best adventures. She loves to share her hobbies, from music, to dancing, to cheerleading. Audrey might be small, but her fan base is huge.

When she went on a shopping spree with her mom, this young girl just had to show off her new clothes. As soon as she got home she put on a fashion show – and she recorded the whole thing for her channel. This is one video you’ll definitely want to see.

Audrey walks onto the middle of the stage in her brand new dress. The gown features a flowing pink fabric, and it is adorned with plenty of ruffles. The little girl loves her new dress; she even twirls around to show the audience how it spins!

This model may be young, but she knows how to keep her composure. As she puts on her shiny silver boots, she asks her viewers “What do you think of these boots with this dress?” Of course the ensemble is adorable, as is the girl wearing it.

Next it’s time for an outfit change. The Audrey rushes around the corner to change as quickly as she can. When she is ready, the girl struts out in another elegant gown.

“Well, this is my next dress that I bought, and this is perfect to go to the beach,” the model shares while standing in center-stage. She then shares her summer plans – to go to the beach wearing her beautiful blue dress and the matching sandals.

After asking her audience to comment on whether they like the new outfit, Audrey excitedly exclaims, “Bye everybody!”

This fashion show is just too adorable for words. Audrey’s confidence is infectious and inspiring. She is such a talented young star, and she is fortunate to have parents who are so supportive of her endeavors. This is one girl who is definitely going to accomplish her dreams, and we wish her the best of luck.

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