25 Hilarious Fashion Fails That Made the Internet Die of Laughter

Fashion, most of the time, is pretty subjective. There are a lot of styles and subcultures out there, and for the most part, they remain in line with today’s line of appropriate clothing. Sometimes though, there are some hilarious fashion statements out there that are just so funny they might just break the internet. We found our 25 most favorite fashion moments that had us crying with laughter!

1. So are these pants or shirts?

2. A childhood favorite is now a shirt

3. Admittedly keeping tracks of socks can be hard

4. The Pho King

5. Zip it up

6. The Hat is also a home

7. The unintentional uniform of a small Canadian town bar

8. Take her to the cleaners

9. When the language barrier hits

10. This is why design is important

11. It’s an illusion

12. Team shirt with an accidentally wrong message

13. The team wrestling shirt gives off an unintentionally wrong message

14. Prototype of the new Panda Express team shirts might send the wrong message

15. Major design flaw

16. Confident kid

17. Awkward hand signs


18. Where do we even begin on this?

19. Salt Lake City, Utah

20. How did this get past user testing stage?

21. Horrible pants, even worse sagging

22. Quiet Zone or…

23. Would you like fries with that?

24. Celine Dion is a rockstar

25. Not sure he knows exactly what the message of his shirt is…

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