25 Filling Meals To Eat At Suhoor To Stay Energized

And btw, here are a few additional things to preserve in intellect when eating and planning your meals during Ramadan:

* create certain you drink two cups of water with suhoor. Zibdeh says most people complain approximately being dehydrated during Ramadan —  as opposed to being hungry — and that keeping hydrated while fasting is incredibly principal, particularly in the summer.

* whether you absorb a tough time staying full during Ramadan, she recommends eating more protein (beans, eggs, Greek yogurt) and healthy fats (avocado, peanut butter, nuts) with your meals. You’re going to be hungry after six hours no matter what you eat, but protein- and plump-filled foods will maintain you full and energized longer.

* Try not to overeat at iftar so that you’re actually hungry at suhoor and are able to eat a full meal before you start fasting.

whether you want to see what Zibdeh eats on a typical day during Ramadan, check out this rundown she if (with recipes!).

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