The Internet Can’t Which Is The Best Way To Cut Toast – What Do You Think?

Toast is pretty great. For those of us who can’t cook, toast is a golden gift. It’s something you can make even if you have no culinary talent. Yes, you can burn it, but let’s be honest – that is not easy to do. Since toast is such a simple food to prepare, you would expect that most people would agree on how to prepare it. This bar, however, has proven that this is not the case.

HallamNation is a student night that happens every Wednesday at Crystal Bar in Sheffield, England. They offer music, dancing, drinks, and even some food. Ever attempting to cater to the students’ desires, HallamNation posted a question for its customers on Twitter. “Which way would you prefer our staff to do you toast at the end of a night?!” they posted.

The post came with three choices of cutting styles: diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. It seemed simple enough, right? Wrong! This question sparked lively debate among Twitter users, and even non-students weighted in on the issue. You will be surprised by how passionate people can be about toast.

As toast lovers voted, it became clear that they had some interesting ideas about how toast works. One seemed to think that the shape, rather than the ingredients, dictated the taste. “It just tastes better when its a triangle,” she posted. Perhaps it is true that toast is more appealing in this form – after all, most restaurants prepare it this way.

Another commenter also suggested that shape decides taste. “Symmetrical food tastes better,” she wrote. This brings up an interesting point: there is only one way to make your toast halves symmetrical. We generally think of the food as being square, but when you get into it, those slices definitely have a weird shape.

Twitter users quickly shifted from voting for their favorite method, to questioning the stability of people with certain toast preferences. “What kind of deranged maniac cuts it like number 2?” an avid toast lover asked. Clearly, she believes that your food choices are a sign of your mental health.

She was not alone in her passion. Another commenter asserted that “cutting toast like number 3 should be a crime against humanity.” This snack situation escalated quickly!

One toast enthusiast just couldn’t get into the hype of the cuts. She appreciates her toast just as it is. “Am I the only one who just eats it as a whole piece and doesn’t cut it?” she asked. The lack of response screamed yes, yes she is.

It turns out that there are many ways to prepare your toast, and all methods have value. In the end, however you cut it, you still get to enjoy a delicious piece of toast.

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