Brides Are Doing Post Wedding Photoshoots With Their Cats, And The Results Are Priceless

For many people, when they get married is the most important day of their life.

Typically, it can only be topped by the day that their child is born, but it can often be a tie between the two. Weddings are a huge deal!

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that they can be lots of fun. There’s tasty food, pretty decorations, fancy dresses, huge cakes, lots of booze, and dancing all night long.

While weddings are tons of fun for the guests, along with the bridal party, it can cost a pretty penny. Did you know the average wedding costs around $25,000 in the U.S.?

Of that cost, the fee for a wedding photographer can range anywhere between $2,500 to $10,000 for the happy couple. A good photographer is one of the most important aspects of the big day.

The photographer is with the groom and bride from the beginning of their day, when they are getting ready, all the way until the end. They capture all of the important moments between the couple and their loved ones.

But what about the moments you can’t have? If you love your pet as if they’re your child, you’d want them there. But most venues don’t allow cats and dogs.

Photographer Marianna Zampieri has an alternative option – photos after the wedding with your cat! The results are absolutely priceless.

1. This kitty is fixing his mom’s veil

2. This cat is wondering how long he needs to pose before he get treats

3. What a well behaved little kitty

4. The cat is the star of this photo

5. The only thing to make this street photo better? A cat

6. “This is a really cool new toy mom”

7. True love

8. Cats are just like our children

9. Who loves who more: mom or the cat?

10. “Don’t forget about me!”

11. “Okay mom, it is time to put me down.”

12. Mom always knows the best place to scratch!

13. Two humans are better than one when it comes to petting

14. Someone is totally over this photo shoot

15. “I can’t wait to tear this stuff up later!”

16. The look of total adoration

17. “I’m still your #1, right?”

18. Is it a wedding photo shoot if you don’t take pictures on some grass?

19. “I can see myself playing with this”

20. Life is better with a cat

Would you get back into your wedding dress to take photos with your pet?

I’d love to get pictures with my cats and dog to celebrate my big day!

from: SHareably

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