The Difference between Soulmates and Life Partners

A soulmate is an individual who is in-tune with your own soul, and someone who makes you question your own beliefs and readjust them for the better. On the contrary, a life partner is an individual who is a companion, and someone who you can rely on to reinforce the validity of your beliefs. Many people talk and write about how to meet your one true soulmate, but read the points below and consider whether or not a life partner might be more beneficial for you.

Characteristics of Soulmate Relationships

#1: An incredibly deep, magical, spiritual connection. It often feels as though you’ve known each other for far longer than you actually have. Sometimes you question whether or not you have known each other longer, and if something inexplicable occurred that caused you both to forget a long, earlier part of your relationship.

#2: Branching off of #1, you frequently experience something like Deja vu that convinces you you’ve experienced far more with someone than you could religiously swear to have experienced with them.

#3: It genuinely seems like you can read each other’s thoughts sometimes, and even communicate simply by reading the other person’s eyes.

#4: You share almost all of the same positive and negative traits, and you’ve experienced many, many of the exact same things in life (even before you officially knew each other).

#5: Your moods often influence each other and rub-off on one another.

#6: It seems like you can sense what the other person is thinking or feeling even when you’re not together.

#7: When you do sense what the other person is thinking or feeling from a distance, sometimes you can’t stop thinking or feeling the same things too (even for the rest of the day, or until you’re able to speak to the other person about it).

#8: The other person constantly causes you to think and feel things which you’ve never before imagined (or never expected to think or feel, at least).

#9: You get the sense that you can make significant changes to your life if you decide to, and probably even significant changes to the world.

#10: You know that although your love might change, it will always continue burning in some significant way.

Characteristics of Life Partner Relationships

#1: There is incredible physical attraction both ways, and neither of you can explain precisely why.

#2: When you’re together, almost everything seems new and exciting.

#3: There are never any highs and lows—everything is just pretty high.

#4: The relationship is based on logic and reason before all else.

#5: You share almost all of the same morals and beliefs.

#6: You make each other feel more stable, even though in reality you’d both be perfectly grounded on your own.

#7: Being together makes you want to live for and in the moment more than any other time.

#8: You could get married and start a family and be fabulously happy together, or you could just casually keep it to the two of you and still be 100% happy and fulfilled.

Depending on what stage of life you’re at, either a soulmate or a life partner could be the ideal partner for you. So, after reading all of this—just follow your heart!


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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