Hawaiian Avocado Takes Guinness Record For World’s Heaviest

When Pamela Wang of Hawaii went out to grab her morning paper, she probably didn’t think she’d end up finding a record-setting avocado, but that’s exactly what happened.

The roughly 5-pound head-sized beauty was recently declared the world’s heaviest by the Guinness World Records.

That impressive weight makes it about 14 times heavier than the average grocery store offering.

The avocado is of the Daily 11 variety and fell from a roughly 40-year-old tree in Kealakekua.

“I was thrilled to have so many people acknowledge and root for a big avocado,” Wang said of her avocado’s new-found fame. “Hearing old friends across the globe, former foreign exchange students and members of the community reach out to congratulate me as the story made its way around the world was awesome.”

from: AOL

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