11-Month-Old Girl Kidnapped, Raped For Two Hours And Found Covered In Blood

Her twenty-seven-year-old father is a laborer who makes only $3 a day in Delhi, India. They don’t make enough money to have a safe place to live. Her mother, 25, was sleeping in the tent with her 4-year-old daughter. The youngest child in the family is 11-months old – she was kidnapped while her mother slept and her father was at work.

Her mother was frantic and shouted for help. All of the people in neighboring tents heard her cries. Everyone started to look for the little girl. Finally, after two hours, the police found her unconscious in the jungle.

She had been brutally raped and was bleeding and has serious wounds. She was taken to Denn Dayal Upadhyay Hospital for treatment. At this point, doctors are have listed her condition as serious. Vijay Singh, 42, was arrested for the crime.

Singh had the baby for two hours and tortured her for the entire time. There were nail marks all over her small body. The police were able to track him down with a mobile phone. The baby’s mother thought that they were safe – but now are desperate to move away.

Women being attacked and raped is a major issue in India. Part of the problem is the inefficiency of the judicial system. The other part is that victims are often too scared to come forward.

The country has stiffer penalties for rapists and even work hard to get those cases moved through the system faster. The poor people are the ones that suffer the most. They have a harder time getting justice. Share away, people.



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