You Can Now Buy A Gummy Snake That Is 8 Foot Long

As the masters of temptation, this giant gummy snake is certainly persuading us to take a bite. Weighing 2 whole stone, this enormous ssssssssweet is heavy with nostalgia. 

Making this sweet absolutely giant is a fail safe way to make a statement, as Heston Blumenthal proves time and again. Giant Mr Whippy, anyone? Well, the makers behind gummy bears have joined the party. Their giant gummy snake is adorned with eyes, coils and thousands of individually carved scales.

giant snake

Looks tasty, right? The snake I mean.

It might be tasty, coming in two flavours; blue raspberry and green apple or red cherry and blue raspberry, but the calorie count is not something to be hissed at. The entire sweet contains over 36,000 calories. That’s 18 days worth of recommended calories for a woman.

june weight GIF

We’re not expecting you to eat it all by yourself though. There are over 450 servings which makes it well worth buying (£110) if you don’t want a fancy wedding cake. I guess I’ll never grow up.

Unfortunately for us Brits it’s only available in America, the home of giant portions.

wet hot american summer eating GIF

Turns out not all snakes should be avoided.

Tempted by this enormous sugar fest? Comment below.

Images via The Sun/ Giphy

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