16 Epically Terrible Product Malfunctions

Sometimes you can buy a product that seems like it’ll fit your needs exactly. The sales rep rhymes just the right combination of bells and whistles that you’re looking for and when you take it home, everything still seems fine.

Sometimes, it isn’t until a few weeks later that the world decides to throw you a curveball, and what seems like a perfectly good addition to your daily life suddenly turns into a heap of melted plastic. In the past, we’ve talked about factory rejects that managed to slip through the cracks despite seeming like total write-offs, but this is a whole different beast.

Unfortunately, not all of a product’s flaws are so obvious at first glance and you can find yourself with a defective product and not realize it until you’ve already started to get attached to it.

Today, we’re going to show you 16 impressive ways that products have failed to behave as advertised and left their owners seriously disappointed.

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1. This rotating car display clearly got a little confused.
I’d love to see how it managed to flip over like this because I’m having a hard time imagining what happened here.

reddit | thenewyorkgod

2. This Canadian bobsledder is just one of many folks who had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction.

Of course, someone’s belly button peeking out to say hello is small potatoes compared to some other and more famous examples.

3. This is what happens when all your fireworks go off at once.

Mind you, this would actually be pretty cool to witness, but it certainly cuts the display short.

reddit | tearsofmccown

4. Looks like Times Square isn’t always quite so dazzling.

I know people often don’t like seeing ads everywhere but even those might be better than this.

reddit | Pullbee

For those of you saying that they should have used a Mac for this, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.

5. Oops, this definitely isn’t what they wanted to advertise.

Well, at least it’s showing everyone what the problem is in case a tech-savvy passerby can help troubleshoot it.

reddit | tforsure

6. It’s strange how these toilet paper rolls all found different ways to be wrong.

I’d really like to know what happened to the one in the middle.

reddit | Urban_Aphrodite

7. Something tells me we should skip this vending machine.

Did someone try to shake their drink loose and just make everything worse or what?

reddit | caernavon

8. Apparently, something sparked when they tried to replace the fuel line.

Luckily this didn’t cause any injuries because that is one fearsome blaze.

reddit | Skinless777

Still, some vehicles are even more terrifying when they stop working properly.

9. Yikes, here’s something you wouldn’t want to sit next to.

Yet if this ever happens to you, it may be comforting to know that a plane doesn’t actually become much harder to fly with just one engine. All that really happens is the plane becomes less fuel efficient, flies lower, and can’t go as far because it’s working the remaining engine harder than usual.

reddit | TheSnakeholeLounge

10. As you can see, this pilot managed to eject just in time after his plane stalled.

He ended up in the hospital with minor injuries, but he said nothing was hurting worse than his ego.

reddit | Colege_Grad

11. Whatever’s wrong with this bus, it makes it look like it has a nitrous booster.

Unless Swedish public transit authorities are bigger fans of The Fast and the Furious than we thought, that’s probably not what we’re looking at here.

reddit | Mu2

12. When a panoramic shot messes up, things can start looking pretty weird.

Between the Washington Monument falling over, this guy losing his face, and the ground getting bored and flying away, it’s hard to decide where to start here.

reddit | FriendlyBlanket

But things get even trippier when the camera itself starts glitching out.

13. I think this is someone’s bedroom, but it’s kind of hard to tell.

In the movies, this would be your first sign that your camera is haunted.

reddit | mreatsum

14. Surprisingly, the people in this van had a good laugh about this.

Apparently they broke down pretty close to the photographer’s house, so that’s convenient at least.

reddit | Oh_Its_This_Guy

15. This burned-out sign doesn’t give new patients any comforting thoughts.

At least it’s easy enough to see what it’s supposed to say.

reddit | retromike

16. Every now and then you can end up with a malfunction that customers actually like.

Word really gets around quick when this happens, so it’s definitely something to keep on top of.

reddit | GerbilTesticles
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