Girl Tries To Scam Tinder Date For A Free Fancy Dinner But He Turns The Tables On Her

It seems like Tinder utterly destroyed any sort of novelty ‘dating around’ might have held. Everybody thinks they can do better because there are a million other options inside their phones, and instead of finding dates the normal human way (mutual friends, common interest groups and activities, etc.) you end up going on a date based on a surreptitious game of texting 20-questions and sitting across the table from someone you don’t even know or like that much. It’s almost ironic, how you end up knowing way less about a person despite having talked to them beforehand; An online persona can often (not always!) completely differ from reality.

Imgur user minilogo37 learned this the hard way. Shortly into his Tinder date, he realized this chick was just using him for a fancy dinner and drinks and actually had no interest in him whatsoever.

His date proceeds to order the most expensive things on the menu, all while shutting down every attempt at conversation:

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