20 Photos Of Our World That Are Absolutely Fascinating

This is one hell of a time to be alive. Given that everyone has a camera these days, we are almost guaranteed to catch the coolest stuff when it happens to pop up.

Just when you think this world has gotten boring, something happens that snaps you back into complete awe.

Check out this list of 20 photos of our world that will fascinate you.

1. Some public nursing going on.

reddit | adalab

2. EMT recouping after an intense situation.

reddit | crumbbelly

3. A fusion of old and new China.

reddit | moonsprite

4. A bilateral gynandromorph butterfly (half male, half female).

reddit | Johnsingl

5. What it looks like after a life is saved in the ER.

reddit | [deleted]

6. Look closely. That’s a fricken’ elephant on top of the mountain!

reddit | thriloka
reddit | Travoli

8. New York City in the early ’80’s.

reddit | michaelconfoy
reddit | blaQriot

10. Rainbow aura quartz.

reddit | whiskyart
reddit | Kibara

12. A tiger that just took a dip in mud to cool off.

reddit | jerseyplains

13. This sweet abandoned mill hanging out in Colorado.

reddit | Proteon

14. Sequoia driftwood.

reddit | zackstab

16. Awesome shot of a woman in a niqab rocking a hula hoop.

reddit | CarlosWeiner
reddit | GrenadesForGandhi

18. Amazing Etch A Sketch skills.

reddit | mike_pants
reddit | vergasion

20. In 1995, Christopher Charles Lightsey was gagged in court for constantly disrupting his murder trial.

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