Find The Mistake In This Puzzle

Sometimes the most frustrating puzzle can be the simplest. If you can’t find all the tigers in a painting or get the hidden picture in a Magic Eye image to show up, it’s not really worth sweating over. If you’re pressed for time, those can start to feel less like fun challenges and more like chores. After all, the actual steps to seeing a Magic Eye picture the “right” way are kind of involved and you can eat up a surprising amount of time when you’ve got a whole series of them in front of you.

But when you’re only supposed to find one simple thing in a picture, it can inspire a kind of maddening determination if the answer’s not immediately clear. Even though I’m probably not making it sound that appealing, that’s the kind of puzzle we have today.

You’re supposed to be a real smooth operator if you can find out what’s wrong with the following picture in five seconds. I’ll admit it took me longer than that, but let’s see how you do.

Please COMMENT and let us know if you caught it immediately.

Inside this picture, there’s one mistake.

Start your clock and go for it!


It’s one of those things that only seems obvious after you’ve caught it.

A lot of us miss this kind of error all the time.

Of course, the hard part is knowing what to look for.

It’s easy to find yourself looking for problems that aren’t really there.

reddit | BrutalJonesWarner Bros. Entertainment

For instance, I spent too much time making sure the numbers were in order.

Then I looked for some meaning in the colors and found nothing out of the ordinary. If you’re having as much trouble as I did, the answer’s on the next page.

Now, some of you likely figured this out with seconds to spare.

You would probably make a good editor if you did.

reddit | AwesomeNigerian

But for the rest of us, it’s not a big deal.

Sometimes these things just don’t jump out at us like they should.

Yes, it was the dreaded second “the” all along.

If it weren’t for spellcheckers, my essays would have been full of these.

Please COMMENT and let us know how sharp your editor’s eye was.

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