16 People Who Failed So Hard It Hurts

We’re all just trying our best in this crazy, mixed-up world, but every once in a while, people mess up so badly that their defeats MUST be acknowledged.

From iron-baked pizza to a Justin Bieber sculpture made out of bacon and ground beef, these fails are so bad they’re downright painful.

1. When someone royally messed up the recipe for rainbow cake in a jar.

There’s surely no pot of gold at the end of this (un)natural phenomenon. At least the clean up is colourful though, right?

Imgur | RareWare64

2. When someone tried to make a SpongeBob SquarePants cake.

He might claim to live in a pineapple under the sea, but that is DEFINITELY an imposter if I ever saw one.

3. When someone tried to make hard boiled eggs in the oven.

Pinterest made it look so easy! The muffin tins of this world deserve far better than this breakfast massacre.

Imgur | ymtheniceguy

4. When someone baked their glasses into a pound cake.

What’s worse… a ruined dessert or not being able to see? Tough call.

Imagine: “Honey, have you seen my glasses?” “Did you check the loaf, dear?”

Twitter | @Truffe_du_Jour

5. When someone made their pressure cooker explode.

You know you did a very bad job at making dinner when your oven collapses and there is a pot lid stuck in your ceiling.

Imgur | dukegonzo

6. When someone tried to recreate an octopus pie (or “octopie,” if you will).

Ursula from The Little Mermaid, is that you? The people who had to eat the remake surely are poor, unfortunate souls.

Twitter | @fangirl411

7. When someone burnt their meal so intensely it resembled the inside of a volcano.

This is what the earth’s core looks like, I’m sure. Don’t forget to blow on it first before eating!

Reddit |  Skiddle1138

8. When someone figured out warming their pastry between laptop chargers was more efficient than going all the way to an actual heat source.

This is how they do it at Starbucks, right?

Reddit | Z3F

9. When someone immortalized Justin Bieber in bacon and ground beef.

Not sure whether we should be impressed by how spot on the hair style is or disgusted by how many calories these flippy pork-locks would be.

Imgur | DeadHead707

10. When someone wasn’t satisfied with cold pizza.

When you’re hungry and far from a kitchen, an iron and blow dryer are good enough to function as an oven or microwave.

Pinterest | khathutshelonem

11. When someone (somehow) burned this kettle.

The tea will have to wait! If you melt a device specially designed for boiling water, you should probably reconsider whether or not you belong in the kitchen.

Imgur | antisocialqueen

12. When someone made pasta but couldn’t get it out of the pot.

Cooking the meal is only half the battle, you know. Removing it from its cookware can be just as difficult!

13. When someone’s oven mitt let them down in a significant way.

It literally had one job. If an insulated glove can’t take the heat, what can? Consider investing in something rubber.

Twitter | @amybowes_

14. When someone tried to cook their chicken nuggets on a plastic tray.

SPOILER ALERT: Plastic melts when heated up in the oven. At this rate, this person would be better off going through the McDonald’s drive-through.

Twitter | @VludDiamond

15. When someone accidentally baked their kitchen scissors and they melted.

Don’t forget to season before putting them in the oven. Flip half-way through and let cool before serving. Bon appétit, everyone!

Instagram | @amymariewinchester

16. And, of course, when someone ordered their pizza extra well done.

We all know thin crust and stuffed crust, but now get ready for…burnt crust! Coming soon to a pizzeria near you.

Instagram | @craig_alan1
Have you ever made a major kitchen fail? SHARE your kitchen nightmare with us in the COMMENTS!

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