Expert DIYer Shares How To Stop Your Windows From Fogging Up, With A Simple Piece Of Tape

Making sure that you have optimal visibility is of utmost importance when driving. You’ll want to start taking the proper precautions now to ensure that your windows will be in top condition when the winter weather causes your windows to fog up and starts dumping snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain your way.

Fog is caused by a change in temperature and humidity
Our windows often fog up in the winter when we when get into our cars because we let in cold air and we breathe out humid air. In the summer, its warm outside but the cold AC creates fog.

Vlogger ChrisFix found several hacks for preventing foggy car windows but wanted to know which ones actually worked and/or which one works best.

So, he decided to run a little experiment using the following solutions:
Shaving Cream
Baby Shampoo
Potatoe Slice
Hand Sanitizer

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