2-Year-Old Tells Twin She Wants To Be A Teacher – Twin’s Reply Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

Two-year-old Mila and Emma of Phoenix, AZ are some of the funniest and youngest social media celebrities out there today. You’ll often find them starring in viral videos talking about grown-up subjects in their adorable child voices which comes off as hilarious.

These two have riffed on airport security, the truth about Santa, and being less than impressed with preschool.
They also have millions of fans and make a buttload of money, and they were only potty trained just a few months ago.

“It is really lucrative,” their mother, Katie Stauffer, told The New York Times. “But I wish people knew that this is my job now.”

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Though their mom didn’t say exactly how much they make, the girls have done advertising work for Amazon, Nest, Dollar Rental Car, Macy’s, Walmart and Harper’s Bazaar.

Emma and Mila also get to call the shots when it comes to work and don’t take on projects that require deadlines.
“You can’t make 2-year-olds do anything,” Katie explains.

But when they are in the mood to act out some scripted parts on video to the delight of social media followers, it makes magic. A video they posted this summer talking about their future career choices, which was filmed by their 14-year-old sister Kaitlin, got more than 4.8 views on their mom’s Instagram page.

“2-years-old… almost potty trained… time to discuss career options,” the caption to the video reads.

The video starts with Emma tossing out a few ideas for what she wants to be when she grows up.
“Emma, what do you want to be when you grow up,” Mila asks Emma.

“Maybe a teacher?” Emma suggests.

But her sister quickly shoots her down.

“Emma, you hate kids,” Mila says.

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“Tru,” she responds.

So, Emma goes back to the drawing board.

“How about a doctor?” she says.

Once again, Mila is the voice of reason.
“Emma, you hate blood,” she says.

“Oh yep, I hate blood,” Emma said.

Then comes my favorite.

“A baker!” Emma suggests excitedly.

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“You’d eat all the food,” her sister quickly tells her.

Emma immediately agrees.

The sisters go on for a bit and eventually console each other over the difficulties of having to make serious life choices.The back and forth between these two is beyond hilarious. You can watch their full antics in the video below.

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