24 Pictures That Seriously Question People’s Judgment

There are moments in life where we’ve all felt we’ve been the dumbest person on the planet. But let me tell you something, one minute on the internet will have you reevaluating that theory.People exist on earth who really need to start thinking twice about their choices. They can just be tiny little choices made on a regular basis, but they can have a huge impact. Like, life or death consequences.

1. Just, why?

A person had created a series of gory porcelain dolls. I think this whole Pride and Prejudice and Zombiesthing has officially gone too far.
Imgur | LaurenLivick

2. A trip wire on a bike course?

Not a trip wire at tire level, this is at NECK level. There’s is clearly a psychopath on the loose.
Imgur | boomclap

3. The snowmen have come to life.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” “No… no I do not.”
Imgur | ErrahM

4. Weirdest wrong number award.

What could possibly be the context for this?! I’m so confused by this, but I’m baffled by the next one.
Imgur | SaintCharlezzz

5. The. Worst.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… nope, can’t.
Imgur | sanewonko

6. What could possibly go wrong?

Twitter | @JuntaChronicles

7. This guy really needs some dough.

I mean, there HAS to be another ATM to use somewhere. Then again, he does seem to be in some sort of nuclear wasteland.
Tumblr | ginara

8.  The Bush sign says it all.

This man clearly makes good life choices. But the next person is WAY worse.
Imgur | buggablue

9. A song comes to mind, what is it…

Oh yeah, “I’m being eating by a boa constrictor, boa constrictor, boa constrictor.”
Twitter | @jhonnyfilth

10. Three problems here.

1. Who invented this? 2. Who thought it was a good idea to invest in and produce? 3. WHO ACTUALLY DRINKS IT?!
reddit | [deleted]

11. Sir, no.

No matter how epic a selfie that is (and it is absolutely epic), I believe cobras are just not okay with photos.
Twitter | @mezvan

12. Because I’ve always thought, “Man, I wish I could make a candle out of my earwax.”

I love how it’s this romantic scene, like “We promise your partner will be so turned on by this earwax candle.” Also, who has that much earwax?! Another question: why is there a Peyton Manning bobble head in the background… holding a syringe?!
reddit | I_Love_McRibs

13. What kind of monster would find this appetizing? I mean, if allergies are the issue, maybe pizza just isn’t for you.

reddit | Maramorha

14. To the age-old question “where’s the beef?” we now know it wasn’t stolen.

reddit | dirtybirdss

15. Clearly someone didn’t bother to take into account why a “no smoking” sign needed to be above an ashtray

reddit | doyouevershutup

16. Obviously, a math degree isn’t necessary to run a pita place.

reddit | parlez-vous

17. No party should have gotten this lit.

18. This is what happens when you ask Google for all your answers.

reddit | IamEclipse

19. Honestly, I don’t think this would taste all that bad.

reddit | bizzar18

20. Urinals on top of urinals, yet there’s still probably pee on the floor.

reddit | Arandomcheese

21. These chopsticks are more encouraging than the fortune cookie it came with.

reddit | PenguinNinja007

22. I feel this is a bad marketing ploy.

reddit | mddog222

23. This seems a little too extreme.

I don’t even know what to say about this. Hopefully the hole allowed her to somehow free herself.
YouTube | Perfect Life

24. She had to be sent home because she was scaring her fellow four-year-olds… because OF COURSE she was!

from: http://diply.com

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