Doctors Find A Tooth Growing In A Woman’s Nose

You never realize how amazing breathing through your nose is until you get a cold.

Of all the minor inconveniences we have to endure in life, having a stuffy nose might just be the worst of them. Just having to deal with a blocked up nose for a day or even a week can be exhausting, but imagine putting up with it for years without any relief?

That’s exactly what happened to one woman in China, until doctors discovered what was actually causing her nose to act up so much.

After a full head scan, doctors found something pretty unexpected: a fully developed tooth had grown inside the patient’s nose!

As the hosts of The Doctors explain, the roots of our top teeth are “immediately adjacent” to our nasal cavity. If they grow a little bit out of place, something like this could definitely happen. However, it’s still quite unusual for a tooth inside the nose to be fully developed like it was in this woman’s case.

If there’s anything that will convince me to head to the doctor when I have a persistent cold, it’s definitely this! As Dr. Travis says, taking regular trips to the doctor is vital for spotting unusual abnormalities like this!

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