We Travelled 26.000Km In 4 Months From Romania To Mongolia With Our 6-Year-Old Sitting In A Sidecar

After our previous trips around Europe and to the Caucasus, we decided to try something else, so we traveled to Mongolia, on a four-month, 26.000kms trip in our sidecar motorcycle, through 12 countries.

You can see our route in the picture below.


#1 There’s Nothing Like The Mongolian Sky At Night

#2 The Most Beautiful Rainbow We’ve Ever Seen, In Kyrgyzstan

#3 Vladimir And Us

#4 Murghab, Tajikistan

#5 Panda Invasion On The Streets Of Iran

#6 Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

#7 Vladimir

#8 The Bazaar Of Tabriz, In Iran

#9 Mongolia

#10 Lunch Brake By The Side Of The Road, In Uzbekistan

From: boredpanda.com

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