This college student is proud of how filthy her apartment is

We all know that college students are lazy, especially if we were once a college student ourselves. You may have lived with someone who was absolutely filthy, never cleaned up after themselves and were perhaps totally in denial about their less-than-perfect habits.

But, how lazy would you have to be to let your own apartment get so out of hand that it’s officially branded the “Dirtiest College Apartment”?!

When I moved out for the first time, the only issue I really had with my flatmate was that she was exceptionally untidy. Of course I didn’t mind at all that her room was a tip, as was sometimes the case with my own room. What I found particularly grating was when she repeatedly dumped her stuff in the common areas.

Luckily, I had and still have a very good relationship with my old flatmate, and after asking me to always be honest with her if she ever does anything I don’t like, I took this as my cue to tell her about my concerns.

However, after hearing about a certain student who let her apartment get so out of hand that her dad had to stage an intervention of sorts, I now know that I actually had it pretty good!

Brittani Cooper is a 19-year-old British student studying real estate at the University of The West of England and she has one of the filthiest apartments in the whole of the UK! She shares her apartment with five other roommates, and together the six of them have turned their home into a hellhole.

Her entire apartment is covered in trash cans overflowing with garbage, there are pizza boxes left right and center and given how many things are constantly left lying on the floor, there’s hardly any space to move.

However, believe it or not, this young woman has a very good reason to be proud of living in what can only be called a dump. However, when her father saw the state her apartment was in, he did something very few would dare to do, and it paid big time…

The discovery began when ran a competition to find ‘Britain’s messiest student apartment’. Brittani’s father encouraged his daughter to enter, in jest. But, he had no idea what would happen when she did actually take part.

Take a look at the photographs Brittani submitted to the competition, and brace yourself…

After submitting the shocking photographs, the competition execs immediately crowned her and her apartment the winner! Brittani beat 980 other entries and won the $500 prize.

She revealed:

“My dad is now saying he wants to share the money 50/50 with me, but that won’t be happening.

“I’m going to use it towards decorating my new student house for my second year. I’m aiming to keep my new home a lot cleaner.” spokesperson Kirsty O’Sullivan had this to say;“It was no easy task to pick just one winner from the students’ submissions to our dirtiest digs competition. In fact, it was tough even looking at some of the pictures.”

So, if you’re despairing because you’re currently living in a grimy and mucky hellhole of an apartment, well, just don’t. Think of it like this: there will always be someone out there with a messier home than you, and besides you may just end up winning a competition one day!

But, it’s not just students who keep messy houses. This chaotic video, filmed by a five-year-old, shows a house in total disarray. A live chicken on the table, and their mother hiding in a closet? This is a must-see!

source: viralthread

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