Signs you’re dating a psychopath

You know how when a guy’s relationship with a girlfriend ends, he usually makes sure that you know that “she was fucking mental anyway… all girls a psychos, innit”? Seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it. If every bloke who’d been scorned by an ex was telling the truth, there would be a disproportionate amount of psychotic women in the world…

I’m not saying I disagree…

Anyway, there’s a chance that a lot of these men are simply wrong or lying, perhaps feeling hurt and defensive. Either that or they don’t know what a psychopath is (we’re ignoring the third option that they simply are phychos). So what is a psychopath and how do you know if you’re dating one?

These are the eight signs that you need to look out for in you ex or current partner who you suspect:

  1. Very egotistical 

Psychopaths are big up on narcissism, believing their abilities and self-worth to exponentially excel that what it actually is. You want to look out for them being weirdly cocky and self-entitled.

According to researchers, a high number of people with psychopathic tendencies work high up in the financial sector. So avoid bankers and stuff?

  1. Colourful past

A study found that a thing called hyper sexuality is linked to psychopathy. One usually achieves hyper-sexuality by having a fair amount more than the average number of sexual partners in their life.

Promiscuity and a preference for emotionless sex is something to look out for.

  1. Weirdly fearless

In order to reach some kind of goal, psychopaths are more likely to perform great feats or heroism, that others may find too daunting. Studies have proven that psychopaths don’t feel fear as much as the average person, as they are more focused on personal achievements.

  1. Impulsive

Similar to the lat point, because psychopaths are usually in it for the rewards, they’ll often be known to act impulsively.

In fact, apparently they’re hypersensitive to rewards, desiring sex, social status and money.

  1. Have a lack of empathy

You might have seen this in the first episode of Luther, but most people will yawn when they see another person yawn. This is linked to empathy and since psychopaths lack empathy (or at least a degree of it), they often won’t yawn back.

This works for other things too. If you’re going through a particularly hard time and you notice that your partner really doesn’t care, they clearly lack empathy.

  1. Little to no remorse

While psychopaths can feel regret, they really only do if their actions have affected them directly. As for feeling remorse for what they’ve done because someone else has been left upset (or worse), it’s unlikely that they’d care.

  1. Big up on lying

Research has found that psychopaths are no stranger to lying, often telling tales to get what they want from you in the end. If you notice that your partner is often dishonest with you, then good job. Apparently psychos are excellent liars.

  1. No proper social life

According Jen Waite, author of the book A Beautiful, Terrible Thing, which chronicles her tale of being married to a psychopath, psychopaths often go person to person, destroying bridges between.

Similarly, their relationship with their family is strained. If you notice that you’re your partner’s only friend, something could be up.

So there you have it. Looks out for those signs.


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