A Boy Rips Off The Girls’ Bra. And Here’s The Mother’s Reaction

Almost each school has rules that need to be respected from every child. These rules may sound dummy to children and they will for surely ignore them at the first days. But, while growing old they will understand their importance and will constantly leave that childish stuff that looked fun some years ago.
But in order to create a quiet classroom environment, you should keep in mind that there are so many responsibilities to reach this goal. In order to control whether everything’s fine, you can ask yourself tough questions like:

-Are you doing enough to combat sexual harassment?
-Are you allowing sexist comments in your classroom?
-Are you subconsciously giving the boys more rights or privileges than the girls?

Such responsibilities are naturally easy to just pass over to school teachers and staff – but naturally, parents have a critical role to play here too.
We all have a collective responsibility to teach children the difference between what is right and what we can never accept.
The story below is a perfect example of when we must take a clear stand, and what happens if we do not.
It all begins in a classroom where a girl is constantly harassed by a fellow classmate. At some point, the boy tries to loosen her bra-strap, and that’s when she’s simply had enough.
She hits the boy twice in the face. The school management then phones the girl’s mother, but that’s when the story takes a new turn…
Here is the story, which Snopes deems unprovable. Despite this, it certainly carries an important message that must be shared!

(I’m an A&E nurse. We’re not allowed our phones on us; they’re to be kept in our lockers. A call comes into hospital reception on a private line for me.)

Phone: “This is [Teacher] from [School]. There’s been an incident involving [Daughter]. We need you to come in.”

Me: “Is she ill or injured? Can it wait until my shift is over in two hours?”

Phone: “[Daughter] has struck another pupil. We’ve been trying to call you for 45 minutes. It really is very serious.”

(I go to the school and am ushered into the head’s office. I see my daughter, her head of year, a male teacher, the headmaster, a boy with blood around his nose and a red face, and his parents.)

Head: “Mrs. [My Name], how kind of you to FINALLY join us!”

Me: “Yeah, things get busy in A&E. I’ve spent the last hour administering over 40 stitches to a seven-year-old who was beaten by his mother with a metal ladle and then I had to deal with the police regarding the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

(After watching him try to not act embarrassed, he tells me what has happened. The boy had twanged my daughter’s bra and she had punched him in the face twice. I got the impression they were more angry with my daughter than the boy.)

Me: “Oh. And you want to know if I’m going to press charges against him for sexually assaulting my daughter and against the school for allowing him to do it?”

(They all get jittery when I mention sexual assault and start speaking at once.)

Teacher: “I don’t think it was that serious.”

Head Of Year: “Let’s not overreact.”

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