Gynecologists Reveal The 11 Patient Habits That Annoy Them Most

Gynaecologists don’t have the most desired job in the world do they really? I mean spending all day every day staring and inspecting vaginas at such a close proximity can’t be easy. Its fine for those that take good care of them and groom and maintain them well, but for those nasty lot that just don’t care… well, yikes.

So having said that ladies, why do we insist on making it that little bit more difficult for them? But we all do it, and we all ask and behave in the same way, and just because they’re used to it… they may not necessarily like it, and there are a few things in particular that they really really hate.

1. The ladies that cancel their appointments because they’re on their period 


(I don’t get this one) But they don’t care, a little heads up is fine but don’t go all out and cancel, vaginas do their thing.

2. Repeatedly having to ask the patient to move down the table


They know its uncomfortable, they know you’re self conscious – but its the same every time you go in.

3. Them insisting on bringing your partner into the room 



This is not a romantic thing for a couple to do, this is not a chance for you to ‘have a look’ or spend more time with her. Give her a bit of space, come on.

4. Referring to Google as a doctor 


Google will not answer your questions! Sorry.

5. The expectation of hormones for their new libido


It is nothing to do with your hormones, its your emotional issues with this one. And unless you’re an exception to this rule because of menopause reasons, you probably need to have a look at whats going on in your life, rather than requesting hormones.

6. Not requesting a female doctor, when a male makes you feel uncomfortable 


You know what you need to do, its not hard.

7. Grubby vaginas and legs


If you know you’re going to apologise and feel embarrassed, why do it?

8. When patients don’t get screened for cervical cancer


There are symptoms that are obvious upon first inspection, but by the time the doctors get round to checking… its almost too far along. Be sensible.

9. Patients that hide and ignore symptoms


Don’t be stupid and leave it too long, it won’t go away.


10. When you stop taking your birth control because of the side effects


All birth control does indeed have side effects, but the other option that doesn’t involve side effects – pregnancy, thats why you started taking it in the first place.

11. The non disclosure agreement


You’re not an exception to the rule – honesty is the best policy with all medication (just in case you lose the plot completely)

You’d think that people would gather the concept of – you go to the doctor to get better or ask for advice, why is it we then defy this regardless and do what we want? Its only making yours and their life harder! They work very hard after all.

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