10 Scary Shark Attacks

Shark attacks are less likely to happen than a car accident, but when they occur they can be quite gruesome and terrifying. Sharks normally don’t intentionally hurt humans. When they do, it’s usually because they mistook the person for a seal. This is why surfers are usually targets—their boards resemble the shape of a seal’s body. When sharks do attack, they mean serious business. They’ve been known to:

  • Bite off limbs,
  • Shake humans,
  • Tear flesh in half.

Hopefully these facts won’t make you too nervous to swim in the ocean on your next vacation. You might even get some reassurance from the fact that some of the people on this list survived their attack.

Here are ten of the most unbelievably crazy shark attacks that actually happened.

1. Arms race: In 2001 a man named Vance Flosenzier wrestled a shark in order to save his nephew’s arm which the shark had taken off. The boy, Jessie Arbogast, was 8-years-old at the time. He was swimming in shallow waters at a beach off the coast of Florida when he was attacked. A shark attacked him, leaving his left leg badly wounded and biting off his right arm. After pulling him from the ocean, his family desperately  tried to keep him alive until ambulances arrived to take him to hospital.

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By the time help finally arrived, almost all of the blood had drained from his body. Rather than giving up, Vance returned to he sea and managed to pull the shark from the water where a park ranger shot it. After killing the shark and cutting it open, Vance was able to retrieve his nephew’s arm. Miraculously, the arm was successfully reattached and Jessie survived.

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2. Documented: A documentary crew had its filming permit revoked after being accused of luring shark a into shallow waters, putting surfers at risk. The crew had been throwing large pieces of fish into the waters just off the coast of South Africa’s False Bay in an attempt to lure sharks to their boat. However, these actions may have caused the death of a surfer.

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A few days later, professional surfer David Lilenfeld was attacked by a white shark. He had his right leg ripped off after being dragged underwater. His body was eventually brought to the shore after his brother watched the waters turn red. The rescue efforts came too late, and David died from his injuries.

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