You Will Want To Send You Boyfriend These Comics Right Away

The Internet is full of memes ranging from a variety of source materials whether it’s the Muppets or Spongebob. Similarly, there’s content on the Internet that makes us all go “same” or “me”, which is practically a meme in and of itself. When we see content like this, the first thing we often do is send it to our friends or post it on our social media platforms depending on what it might be.

For some, there’s quality content that reminds us of our relationships with friends, family, or even our significant others. On Instagram, there’s an artist by the name of Catanacomics who draws cute, happy little comics of her life with her boyfriend and her relationship experience seems to be somewhat universal as her page has more than 500k followers.

Her comics have often been described as making others feel as if they’re being watched as the experience can be so eerily close to certain relationships. The illustrations she shares with the Internet are incredibly relatable and will make you want to share them with your significant other and go ‘isn’t that us?!’

Her comics explore little everyday things about their relationship, like play wrestling.

And the appreciation of being the same height no matter how inconvenient becoming the same height may be.

Not to mention those weird quirks in regards to showing affection.

And those weird little things that he notices when she’s been worried about him noticing something else.

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