This Is The Most Beautiful Train Ride in America And It Only Costs $97

Ever heard of the Coast Starlight? The name itself sounds like a magical ride that takes you through some pretty magical places. Well, it may not be magical per-say, but the Coast Starlight is in fact a real thing and it’s in America.

The Coast Starlight is actually a train that is named one of the best (and cheapest) ways to see America’s most beautiful sites. In fact, it’s been known to be one of America’s most beautiful train rides since the 1940s, according to Cosmopolitan.

Once on the train, your trip starts in Seattle and ends in Los Angeles. The Coast Starlight train trip takes passengers through Washington, Oregon, and California allowing the people to see some gorgeous views of the West Coast.

You’ll see all that the West Coast has to offer, from the mountains to the forests, to the valleys and Pacific ocean.

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Oh, and the ride isn’t too shabby either. People can take in the beautiful sights from an observation car which has swivel chairs.

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The car is also pretty decked out with floor-to-ceiling windows. At this point, you’re probably wondering how much this trip goes for.

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Believe it or not, tickets for this incredible journey start at only $97! That’s an incredible price if you take into account what you are getting from this trip.

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