This Woman Had The “Worst Tinder Date Ever” And It’s Beyond Creepy

A few weeks ago I wrote an ironic article about the best places to take a girl on a date.

Basically, it was the worst bit of advice you’re ever likely to read, and in it I jokingly suggested that a funeral would be a good first date venue.

Clearly, that would be a terrible idea, and I think it’s fair to say that anything ‘death’ related should be off limits when you’re taking a girl on a date because you’re going to come across as a complete psychopath – which is something she should figure out on her own.

One guy, however, was convinced that the best way to impress a girl is to show her a dead body, so he took her to a morgue in what has been described as “the worst date ever”.

Canadian YouTuber, Kaylee Kapital had been on several ‘normal’ dates with a guy (cinema, movie) and everything was going seemingly well until, on the third date, he took her to the morgue of the hospital where he worked.

Taking to her YouTube channel, she shared her thoughts on what went down and admitted there were several early warning signs that he was a bit of an oddball.

She said: “This guy was really weird, I’m a natural red-head and he would always make fun of ginger people.

I should have got a lot of red flags but I was on the rebound after being dumped so I was like I just want to get out there and have fun.”

Before the third date he asked her if she wanted to see where he worked, which is where things started to get a little creepy.

She continued: “It was at night by this time and hospitals at night are really scary. The lights aren’t on, it’s dim, you just don’t want to be there.

I can tell we’re in a morgue and I’m standing there thinking, ‘We should not be here. This is not OK.’

So then he opens one of the fridges and pulls out this little sweet old lady and is like, ‘Have you ever seen a dead body before?”

Oh my god what have I gotten myself into – I’m gonna be in this morgue now. Am I next?

I didn’t even look at the lady directly because I have never seen a dead body in my life and I hoped not to see a dead body in my life.”

She even thought he was turned on by her shock.

“I think he got off on the fact that I was grossed out. It’s like he liked looking at my reaction. It amused him.”

Then, cranking the loco up another notch, the guy put hand sanitizer from the hospital into a cup and drank it.

“He drank it people, he drank it…. we had booze why are you drinking hand sanitizer! 

He’s psycho I guess.”

I think he’s just misunderstood to be honest…

To be fair, I’m sure there’s been way worse dates than that. I remember reading about someone shitting themselves on a date before – give me dead bodies over that any day.

Also, I actually don’t think it’s that bad of a venue. Sure it’s a little unorthodox, but at least it’s quiet and kind of quirky. I also think you could engage in some pretty interesting conversations; being around death makes you ponder your own mortality and how you view life and death – which is an interesting subject to talk about with someone when you’re trying to get to know them.

Having said that, I’m a little bit weird and a little bit single, so I wouldn’t take too much notice of what I have to say.

Anyway, she evidently lived to tell the story and has a funny first-date anecdote to tell people.

All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Do you have any weird first-date stories? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via GIPHY/iStock/Kaylee Kapital YouTube

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