The Age That Men And Women Reach Their Sexual Peak

I already know when I reached my sexual peak.

It was a few years ago – I had sex with an amazing girl who was way out of my league on holiday one night – and I know that nothing I ever do sexually will be able to top it.

Still, life at the top was fun whilst it lasted – at least nobody will ever be able to take that away from me…

But when exactly is your libido supposed to be at its highest?

Well, according to a recent study by sex toy retailer LoveHoney, it differs for men and women, with females peaking much earlier.

Almost half of the women surveyed said they were in their sexual prime between 18 and 24. Of the 1418 respondents, less than a fifth said they peaked in their 30s (which was originally thought as the most common age) and one in four admitted that they had the best sex of their lives between ages 18 and 20.

I was the complete opposite of that – at 18 I was a complete sexual novice (like a lot of men probably) and sex was always something that absolutely terrified me.

On the other hand, the future’s bright for men in their 20s, because 25% of those asked said they were at their most rampant in their 30s.

Meanwhile, only 14% of men said they were in their sexual prime between the ages of 18-20, which kind of agrees with my earlier point that when I was 18 I was about as sexually competent as a fridge.

A significant proportion of women also wished they had higher sex drives, although the majority of both sexes were in agreement that having a high libido doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re good in the sack.

Richard Longhurst, co-owner of Love Honey, told the Daily Mail:

“These new findings shatter conventional wisdom which says that men tend to peak sexually earlier in their late teens and early 20s whereas women desire sex more in their 30s.

What the results show is growing female sexual confidence which has been increasingly evident since the publication of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ five years ago.

It’s a welcome development.”

Turns out I may have some stuff to look forward to after all. Women over the age of 24, on the other hand, may as well give up now…

What do you think of the study? Let us know in the comments below!


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