Principal tells teen her dress is inappropriate then this happens .

Teens are known for pushing the dress code rules, but sometimes they get in trouble for the silliest things.

We recently learned about teen Macy Edgerly, who was kicked out of class for wearing an outfit her school deemed “inappropriate.”

Unfortunately, this happens way more than it should. Every year, tons of teens (usually girls) are dress-coded and sent home from school or kicked out of events like prom for wearing outfits that the school administration somehow thinks are unacceptable.

Although there are plenty of reasons to have a dress code, some schools go too far, especially when it comes to controlling what young women are allowed to wear.

In April 2017, Sophia Abuabara went to her school in San Antonio, Texas, wearing a comfy long-sleeved dress.

Sophia had three exams that day, but while she was sitting in one of the tests, the principal came in and told her the dress was inappropriate. They even called her mom, Rosey, and told her to bring Sophia a change of clothes.


Instagram / @roseyabu

Teen Sophia Abuabara went to school one day wearing a long-sleeved dress and tennis shoes — she knew she would be stressed about the three tests she had that day, so she wanted to be comfortable.

During one of her tests, though, her principal came into the room and told her the dress was too short.

Instagram / @roseyabu

Sophia had to call her mom to bring her a change of clothes, but Sophia’s mom, Rosey, wasn’t having it.

Rosey had seen what Sophia was wearing before she left the house in the morning, and she thought it was absolutely appropriate — so she told the administrators that she wouldn’t bring her daughter different clothes.

Instagram / @roseyabu

Then Rosey posted a photo online, explaining what had happened.

She wrote:

Wow. My daughter got dress coded for this dress. They said it was too short.

Yet, boys can dress like this?? She had 3 exams that afternoon, including Physics AP, Latin 3, and APUSH. But her skirt length…

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