Woman destroys $200K in art trying to take a selfie

Many of us will go to great lengths to snap the perfect selfie. But at what price?

Well, for this woman, it was $200,000 in shattered art. Watch the cringeworthy video below!

At the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, a pricey and fragile exhibit called Hypercaine was drawing visitors from all over the world.

But now if you attend, you’ll find the attraction is a lot smaller than it was a few days ago.

A woman trying to get the perfect selfie knocked over one pedestal of art while backing up.

Which knocked over another. And another. And another.

It’s as bad as it sounds.

Here’s the video.


Try not to pucker too hard as you watch this slow-mo nightmare unfold.

People responded predictably to the major screw-up.

That is to say, some expressed empathy, some just laughed, and others mocked the woman for being so negligent in her surroundings.

Naturally, most people just thought simply, “Man, I’m glad that wasn’t ME!”

Because we’d like to think that it wouldn’t happen to us, but we all lose our bearings and common sense sometimes. She just did it in a very bad place. On camera.

This exchange shows that the populace is split on whose fault it was.

To be blaming the woman is ridiculous. The fact that this wasn’t set up in a way to protect the art is the gallery’s fault.

For the record, I’m squarely in the camp that it was the lady’s fault. You have to treat a museum like everything will fall over even if you look at it funny.

This person lays out their argument.

Sense or basic respect for the art/gallery. Museums have multi-million $$$ sculptures/works displayed so viewers can approach / inspect art…

And the fact that they have a degree in art history bolsters their position a little bit more.


Things also got very meta in the Twittersphere.

Is this video “performance art?”

*head explodes*

We’re also overlooking a very important question here!

So, uh, how’d that selfie turn out?

source: twentytwowords.com

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