Man Dies After Ignoring Important Tattoo Instructions

Tattoos are already painful enough to begin with, let alone with the risk of acquiring a flesh-eating bacteria, which is exactly what happened recently to one unlucky man.

The 31-year-old ignored his tattoo artists’ advice to avoid swimming in pools or oceans for at least two weeks after receiving a “cross” design on his right calf.

Instead, after about 5 days, he decided to take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico—which would ultimately cost him his life.

While swimming in the salty waters, the Hispanic male contracted a flesh-eating bacteria through the tiny openings in his skin caused by the inking process.

Within 24 hours, he noticed symptoms of a fever, including chills, along with a separate rash developed near his tattoo:

As his health worsened, he admitted himself to the hospital, where doctors confirmed the bad news: he was infected with the vibrio vulnificus bug, which was likely emboldened by his preexisting cirrhosis, caused by his alcoholism.

The cirrhosis damaged his liver, which under healthy conditions produces neutrophils—a white blood cell that plays an integral role in fighting off certain infections.

Doctors immediately gave the man antibiotics but to no avail—just 24 hours after reaching the hospital, he was placed on life support as numerous organs started to fail.

Surprisingly, despite the bacteria killing roughly 60% of all patients, he survived for 2 weeks, was even taken off life support, and doctors expected he would return home.

Unfortunately, however, a few weeks later while still receiving care, his kidneys failed after entering septic shock, and he died in the hospital.

Contracting this flesh-eating bug through a new tattoo is quite rare, while the consumption of oysters is one of the more common causes.


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