I stopped washing my hair for two months and heres what happened

We’ve all read the articles about people who stopped washing their hair and found it actually made their tresses healthier, shinier, and stronger. For years, I’ve wanted to discover if these people were actually right, or if it was all the work of a rogue anti-shampoo conspiracy theorist lurking somewhere in the interwebs.

Most of us would never consider testing the “no-poo theory” (yes, it’s really called that). This is generally because to get to the healthy, shiny stage, you have to go through approximately eight weeks of greasy, dirty hell to get there. Our workmates or classmates are not going to appreciate having to sit next to a bona fide ball of filth for months, are they?

Back in January, I broke my back. How is that related to hair, I hear you ask? Well, after breaking said back, I suddenly found myself whisked back to my parent’s house in a codeine-induced stupor and forced to lie down for eight weeks while my poor little T12 vertebrae healed.

Aside from taking this solid eight weeks of doing absolutely nothing (apart from watching Narcos and every single Friends episode ever), I decided it was the perfect time to embark on a hair-related experiment.

Since I wasn’t going to be seen by anyone apart from my family for a solid two months, I decided this was the perfect time to see what would happen if I completely stopped washing my hair. No one would see me during the inevitable greasy stages, and I had daydreams of returning to London with the shiny new mane I’d always dreamed of.

The first few days after I stopped washing my hair, the inevitable happened: it got greasy. I had expected this and embraced my newly discovered dirt bag persona. After all, you’ve got to find some positives in breaking your back, right?

After about a week, however, my scalp started to feel a little gross. I decided rinsing with water doesn’t really count as washing… shampoo is the bad guy here, after all. Apparently. Sadly, the rinse didn’t do much to help with the grease ball look.

After about a month, things reached peak grease ball, and then everything just kind of… chilled out. My scalp had clearly decided that it had produced enough oil to be going on with, and since it wasn’t getting cleaned away, it didn’t need to make any more.

After two months, things looked pretty much the same as they did after the first week. But sadly, that wasn’t the shiny, bouncy, healthy head of hair I was promised by so many health blogs. It looked pretty bad, and when I finally caved in and slathered my head in shampoo, everything seemed right with the world again.

So what have I learned? Although it’s helped me not freak out if I don’t find the time to wash my hair every other day, there’s no avoiding the feeling of a slightly dutty scalp after a certain amount of time. Hair scientist Eric Spengler agrees. He said: “If cleansing frequency is not often enough, the dirt and debris could lead to discomfort.”

Was there any point to my weird hair experiment? As it turned out, there was. Before, I used to religiously wash my hair every other day. If I didn’t, it would start looking like I’d dunked it into a barrel of oil as soon as I reached day three.

After the experiment, however, I could go almost a whole week before things started to get oily and horrible. It seems I’d managed to train my scalp’s oil-producing glands to calm down and stop making my hair so damn dirty-looking all the time. In my eyes, that’s a definite success.

Source : viralthread.com

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