14-Year-Old Steals Candy From Store. But Were They Too Rough With Her?

This took place at a Washington state Winco. A 15-year-old girl stole candy from the store, but did “loss prevention” employees go too far in attempting to detain her? WinCo Foods released a statement saying the suspect “physically [attacked] multiple employees” before the video started that was later posted on Facebook. She doesn’t strike me as someone that would do that but I could be wrong…

You be the judge… What do you think?


Help spread the news how fucking wrong this is . We pull up to winco on 136th and see this girl being dragged around by loss prevention over candy she stole. Reporting to news stations as well. Do you think this is okay and they are doing there job or way out of hand???????

Kristin Nerton 发布于 2017年7月8日

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